Международни плащания

Извършвайте международни плащания лесно и сигурно

Extensive capabilities

Pay suppliers, employees and business partners all over the world in 100+ currencies

Global and local

We cover both cross-border and domestic payment routes. Check out our collections solutions

Fast and reliable

You can trust that your payments will arrive on time, with most currencies arriving on the same day

Integrated solution

Make payments online, through your Relationship Manager, or via an API integration with your ERP or TMS


Изпращане на масови плащания


Създайте един единствен файл

Файл с плащания в множество валути с всички Ваши плащания и бенефициенти


Upload your file

Чрез Ebury онлайн, нашето решение "Host-to-host" или като използвате нашия API


Разрешете операцията

Възможност за одобряване на повече от едно ниво


Ние се грижим за останалото

Ние обменяме валутите, нареждаме плащанията и предоставяме извлечения за лесно равнение

Send Mass Payments in multiple currencies at the click of a button


Use Ebury’s worldwide payment capabilities and FX solutions to pay your employees and suppliers correctly, on time and in the currency they need

Reduce risk

Remove the room for manual error by automating your processes for high-volume payments

Dedicated team

Benefit from an experienced team focused on payroll and global disbursements solutions

Save time

Forget about fragmented banking relationships and complex reconciliations

Open an account and start collecting payments and paying suppliers online

If you have any queries regarding our currency accounts, look through our FAQs. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, contact us